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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where To Shop!

For some people... This is the next worst task!  Where do we shop for clothes?  
First Stop:  In Your Closet!  You would be amazed what you will find to wear in your closet... I used to work in the corporate world.  I had alot of dress jackets from suits.. I ditched the skirts and kept the jackets.  Most of you know that I am not a fan of white shirts and vests being worn in the carriage.  If that is all you have then make it work. 
Second Stop:  Thrift stores and consignment shops... I am such a junkie when it comes to these stores..  I can spot them a mile away!  They are a great place to find bargains.  Men and women can find jackets, slacks/pants, ties  and shoes here.  Just check the clothing over for stains, snags and missing buttons...you might have to take the jacket to the cleaners before you wear it or replace the buttons but most of the time there are "diamonds in the rough" just waiting to be purchased!
Third Stop:  Department Stores... Check the clearance racks..sometimes you have to dig but I have found great buys just by digging through the racks and watching for sales.
Fourth Stop:  Ebay..  This takes a lot of patience and time.. and the disadvantage is that you can't touch it or try the garmet on before you buy it.  However, if you have time to sit at the computer, sort through pages of  garments, risk the color being what they say it is,  sleeves being long enough and the fit being close enough..Then Shop Away.. Great Bargains Await You!
Fifth Stop:  Have a jacket custom sewn. Yes, this is more expensive, but if you don't have time to shop this is a great option.  Plus, you know that the jacket will fit and look great!
Stay Tuned:  "What Style of Jacket"

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