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Hello Everyone! I am Sherri Lower, owner of Hats Off Boutique.. Above is my retired advanced single driving horse Nikko.. in the dressage ring at Live Oak...On my blog you will find great tips to improving your carriage driving turnout. How to shop for appropriate clothing, How to fit a hat, Pictures of other turnouts and many more helpful hints

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Don't Have A Thing To Wear!

I think this is the biggest issue in carriage driving.. whether CDE's or pleasure driving... What to wear!
For both men and women.. simple trick... think about color .. What is your favorite color?   Go with it!
Although sometimes the carriages that we own don't always allow this.  If you can wear a color that makes  you feel good..then you have mastered half of the "What to wear" problem!


  1. Now if I could only come up with an outfit to wear using my marathon carriage for all three phases!

  2. Kanoe! You can come up with an outfit for the marathon carriage.. You dress to win! Put together a classy outfit just as if you were driving a presentation carriage. Of course the judges may take off a point or two because it is a marathon carriage but you still should present yourself in the best possible fashion. Pick a color that harmonizes with the carriage and horse and that you feel good in. Make sure your hat is not "over the top" and wear an apron that ties in with the whole ensemble! I am happy to help you!