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Friday, August 5, 2011

What To Shop For?

So if you have some time to go shopping for Carriage Driving accessories.. what should one shop for?
Let's talk about jackets... Look for jackets that are more tailored and have at least 3 buttons or a zipper up the front.  If you are a fuller bodied woman look for jackets that have princess seams.  These are seams that are set in the side back and side front.  They create a more tailored jacket and won't make you look like a box! 

Necklines.. notched collars, mandarin collars, no collars ... all are great.  The main point is to not have a huge downward plunging open neckline. 

Sleeves... make sure that the jacket sleeves are long enough.  I personally like the bottom of my sleeves to come down to where my thumb joins my hand.   This length of sleeve will allow us to move our arms and the skin between the end of sleeve and glove doesn't show! 

A scarf is a great accessory!  It helps cover up an open neckline and tie the jacket and hat together.   A scarf can be tied several different ways making the overall appearance have a  "tucked in" and "polished" look!

What to wear under the jacket...  a nice thin "dickey", camisole  or mock turtleneck.  A turtleneck rides far enough up your neck that when you tie your scarf, the skin between the jacket and turtleneck doesn't show!  Once again giving the "polished" look.

Pants... Wearing a nice pair of dress slacks that matches your apron as close as possible works well.  Dress slacks are comfortable under your apron too.

Don't forget to get a nice pair of earrings.  Keep the earring small and a "little bit"of sparkle is great.  It is an accent not an attention getter!

Happy Shopping!
Sherri - Hats Off Boutique

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